Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Poem For Christmas

Tis the night before Christmas
with memories at play
Baby grows that rustled 
Coloured paper astray 
Spiced aromas
Flickering candle light 
Corks popping 
Squeals of delight
Faded talc footprints 
Half eaten mince pie
So tears fall....
Trees decked in lights
Hearts filled with pain
Same house 
Same food
Smells just the same
Yet here things are different
Everything's changed
Babies now adults
All face the unknown 
Togetherness symbolic
Because our love has flown.

Sunday, 21 September 2014


It begins....
I’ve got to ride it
this crazy madness wave
With too familiar pain
and tight, sickening knot
Stay with it to the end
Life becomes fast forward
panic in every frame
Explosive self destruction
emotions unrestrained.
Injustice all surrounds me
defense on red alert.
Touch and I will scorch you 
Judge and turn to stone
Pressure keeps on rising
there is poison in my vein.
Desire to runaway
become as dust.
Insecurity overwhelming
eventually tears do spark.
Heartache without reason 
everything looks so dark.
Then sudden as a sunrise 
all my fear subsides.
and with it all madness
like a wave of shifting sand.
“She Devil‘  go pack!  
At last our girl is back. 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Storm Within

Behold, amber warning!
The most terrifying sky.
Possessed by demons,
with force she blew.
Twice deadly as the hurricane,
that once bore her name.
Tornado lightening bolts,
soul windows expel.
Laments of injustice.
Showers of ice hail.
Attempts to freeze all time.

Yet hidden deep,
within eye of the storm
Resides the wee lass.
Who's heart once beat with passion.
Now replaced by a pendant of ice.
Sat waiting for a sunbeam,
a rainbow,
or a feather.
Just a little sign
so she can return.
To being nice.