Sunday, 17 November 2013

Still Missing

How many years have you been lost?
How many prayers have I said?
How many tears have I shed?
Years they were silent
Only now they slowly open
with a cautious clue
Yet you are still gone

Were you surprised when they came
Or did you hear the scythe knocking
against your window pane
The faces in knitted shadow
Creeping upon you
Stealing you from me?

What are you now?
Half a skull
Or tied up like game
thrown for carrion
Did you cry out for me to hold you
Facing the shallow hole in the bog
Threatening to swallow you whole
Into its sloppy dark depths

I gave up on justice
I just want to know
where you are
That you’re not a disappearing ghost
That there was no truth in their lies
I want somewhere to go
To know where your last breath
Right into our
mother’s comforting embrace

I stand now
Where they say you probably are
The earth squelching beneath my boot
I take a sharp breath
everytime I brush against
A small hard object
Hoping for
A bone
A belt
A shoe
I could dig till doomsday
And never find you

Whatever you say
Say nothing
But please
Come back
Come back to me

Author Harry Johnston 


  1. Oh Harry! You have inherited your mum's skill with language. What a mature piece of writing!

    1. He's amazing... Thank you for your feedback I know he will be delighted xx