Monday, 17 September 2012

Wildernesschic Poetry Recital - So Many Little Shoes

This is the one poem I regret leaving out of my book.
Book two maybe ...

From the black and white picture,
I will never forget.
The Angel haired girl,
standing out from the rest.
Her innocent face,
looking so out of place.
All down to a question of race.
What happened my darling,
where do you rest,
did you shower with your mummy,
or were you saved for the test ?
"Arbeit Macht Frei" 
said only in jest.
Did you friends turn against you,
what did you do?
Forced to leave forever,
the only life that you knew.
All you held dear,
overnight disappeared.
What were they doing,
why were you there?
to the left. 
to the right.
Pretty face so confused.
Eyes wide,
with fright
"What's happening Mummy?"
You had not a clue.
To me, 
you were beautiful.
To them,
just a Jew..

So many questions.
Yet nothing to do,
but to remember forever,
those thousands of shoes.
Once belonging to people,
just like you and I,
taken away by the call of
 "Sieg Heil"


  1. There should, and will be another book. This poem is brilliant. A horrific subject approached with the same soul and spirit found in all you write.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you "Can't sleep " .. That means a lot .. although, if you click through to the Youtube link, I have a reply in the form of a poem .. that is shall we say .. just not worth replying to .. I bloody hate internet troll's and I hate anti-Semitic Internet trolls even more.. and I am not even Jewish xx

  2. Maybe if more people could read something like this Ruth, we might have more of a chance to prevent these incredibly tragedies.

    1. Yes sadly it is happening all the time.. all over the world.. and we never learn.. thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on Amazon for me too, I have just seen it xx

  3. Dearest Ruth,

    Why hold back because of a few immoral people that like to spew venom at others? Your poem is excellent and so well phrased. That deserves to be printed for thousands, hundreds of thousands to be read!
    Hugs to you,


  4. Hey Ruth,
    I'm so sad to hear you had hateful comments on your youtube recital. No, they don't learn...hate breeds hate and it's painful to accept that such cruelty still exists.
    But your poem...
    So close to my heart. You approach the subject as though through the eyes of a child. Your talent, I've said before, is the fusion of contradictions: such an innocent voice, expressing inexplicable horror. Thank you for this poem.
    Yes, another book...don't regret leaving it out.
    Much love and many blessings my lovely friend,
    Vee X