Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Foreign Affair

One September dawn.
As leaves twist
and raindrops fall.
She counted everyone.
Each tear,
one for every passing year.

She thought of you 
and happy times. 
Eighteen years old, 
in warmer climes.
Watching the sunrise upon the sand.
Each from a distant land.

Eyes locked in deep embrace.
Fingers laced.
The world on hold.
Memories etched upon the soul.
‘I love you’
‘Ich Liebe dich’
Hand in hand,
neither able to understand.


  1. Loved it! Especially the photo - the imagry of the two poppies together closed then the one open and looking on - clever choice!

  2. Thank you Sara .. I really enjoyed writing this one.. and the photo seemed "right" xx

  3. Such a beautiful poem Ruth. I felt it had been written just for me, it is so personal. My long lost love was French. I had a few words of schoolboy french, but it turns out all wee needed were our eyes and a few soft kisses. xx

    1. Thank you Wally, I loved writing this one and it is based upon a true story ;)) xx

  4. As ever Ruth you take us to a special place in our memories and shake us till we cry.

    I loved it, and Ich Liebe Dich was all it took.


    1. Yes, for me too.. I learnt German.. and wrote for two years :)) xx

  5. Acording with your poem in 1973 ISAAC HAYES Wrote

    Every morning when I rise, baby
    I look into your sexy eyes, baby
    Your love refreshing is good to me, baby
    There's no other place I'd rather be, baby

    'Cause you're joy, you're everything to me
    And you've shown me how groovy life can be

  6. I love your poetry and wow it RHYMES. Excellent ;-) !!

    1. Thank you xx and yes I love a bit of a rhyme xx

  7. (So fed up of nonrhyming "poetry"... (know what I mean?))

    I'm giving your link chez moi.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Gledwood thank you so much .. Did you know that I have a book out ? Its a collection of poems and images, I prefer the printed version which will not hit Amazon for another 2-3 weeks but the kindle version is out now. I would be really grateful if you would share the link on your blog xx