Saturday, 2 June 2012

Fake Friend

With every slippery,
syrupy word 
released from your mouth.
I trust you less.
Dislike you more.
Where you born to be fake,
or just a cultivated whore?

"Better and honest enemy, than a false friend"- German Proverb


  1. Don't hide your feelings Ruth, Just say it like it is:)
    Another gem.

    1. LOL.. you know me Wally .. I do .. and thanks xx

  2. Love this, it really captures how I felt in that twitter x

  3. If I was a blade of grass
    I would turn and twist in the wind
    Letting water drip onto your skin
    melting all the way to your lips
    way down to your hips

    Blonde so bright
    Sunshine and light
    Blue eyes that are always so right
    day dreams for you to hold
    Creating thoughts of beautiful gold
    These are the things that make life so free...!

  4. An angel calls
    As you catch her fall
    Sending hope and light
    To one an all
    If you close your eyes
    And hold that thought
    You will create a dream
    Of a thousand beams