Saturday, 31 March 2012

Damaged Damsel

Liverpool girl with the beautiful hair,
that glitters and shimmers,

golden in the morning air. 
Blue green eyes,
so clear,
reminding me of the Caribbean sea.
Yet silently you weep.
Such a sad sweet little girl. 
Just needing to be loved.
Wanting to belong.
Great sadness hidden deep.
Behind such a glorious smile.
Body of a woman. 
Soul of an innocent child.
My pity you don't need.
So I give you my time.
Protect your mind.
Don’t reward him with your demise.
That is something I truly would despise.
This is your moment.
Your precious time.
Allow yourself to blossom,
to let yourself shine. 
Take that wonderful sense of fun.
And run.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


the word,
which echoes through my mind.

of self
trying to be more kind.

of life,
count its blessings and not it’s strife.
of imperfections,
those times when nothing seems right.
Accept you are blessed,
you do not starve, 
there’s shoes on your feet.
the inevitable coming of age.
There is no alternative,
only the grave.