Monday, 13 June 2011

The Dark Side

Walk away now
I am crashing,
plummeting with alarming speed.
Thrown from this place, 
without warning.
Twisting, tumbling,
free falling.
Without the safety of a net,
or a parachute,
into infinite darkness.

I want to runaway.
Bury my head,
need to be alone.
You can help me?  I think not 
I would resent you,
hate you,
likely to kill you.
Murder in my heart.
So many have tried,
but this is my madness.
My secret
This is what I hide.


  1. Wow - beautiful! x

  2. Very powerful and beautiful too. Thanks for sharing

  3. Ditto above. Your poems are fantastic. I love the picture too! xx

  4. you have a great and unique style. I love it.

    have you tried submitting one to jingle poetry?

    you will get alot of readers that way.

    I am from poetry lovers on facebook, but my blog is
    and jingle poetry is I do the poem of the week there.

    you are very talented. I know everyone would love to have you.

  5. darn I forgot the period in thelinks. ugh.

    ok try those. :)

    hope to see you more!


  6. Oh, nice post.)) Love your blog!!!.))))))

    I need your help ... Soon I am flying to Greece and I will have a two-day shopping in Athens .. You were there ever? If yes, what places you advise?

  7. It's dark, it's deep, it's perfect...!