Friday, 2 July 2010

Brian Blackwell .... An ode to an evil little twat

25th July 2004 Brian Blackwell 19, brutally murdered his parents
They used to be my next door neighbours, please read with a scouse accent

Ode To Brian Blackwell
“Nice boy Brian, clever and that”
I actually believe he's an evil little twat
In July when confronted by mummy

as to just what he'd done with their money
He snapped
No, he wasn't having non of that. 

Smashing his father where he sat
using a hammer
yea, this was no spat
His mother threatened a knife 
Bad decision 
it cost her her life
Thirty times she was stabbed in the chest 
Then back to his father 
he gave him the rest.

Leaving them both to the flies
He took his girl on the trip of their lives
New York City Plaza they were bound
Courtesy of his parents precious pounds 
Whilst back at home here in Melling 
Jackie and Brian were horrifically smelling
Took two months for them to be missed
Whilst he's pretending nothings amiss.
September they arrested the loving son.
He wished 

"It was something he'd never done" 
Neighbours and friends were loyal but sad
“He was such a lovely boy Brian ..quiet and that”
To me he was always an evil little twat.