Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Hot June

In blistering June
I rose from the sea
Saw him standing
In the heat of the sun.
He was waiting
On burning sand 
with piercing eyes
Combed my hair
wet my lips
Fevered glances
I stroked my thigh.
He was there...
Grasped my hand
led the way
Like he'd planned it
Cool dark air
crisp white sheets
Is were we landed
He cupped my face
caressed my neck
Desire was frantic...
From the arch of the spine
to the curve of my buttock
Is where he kissed me
Soft salty lips upon wet skin.
Lust overwhelming
With gentle breath blew in my ear.
I was melting..
I was lost
I was his
Never ending 

So Many Little Shoes

From the black and white picture,
I will never forget.
The Angel haired girl,
standing out from the rest.
Her innocent face,
looking so out of place.
All down to a question of race.
What happened my darling,
where do you rest,
did you shower with your mummy,
or were you saved for the test ?
"Arbeit Macht Frei" 
said only in jest.
Did you friends turn against you,
Why, what did you do?
Forced to leave forever,
the only life that you knew.
All you held dear,
overnight disappeared.
What were they doing,
why were you there?
Men, to the left. 
Women, to the right.
Pretty face so confused.
Eyes wide,
with fright
"What's happening Mummy?"
You had not a clue.
To me, you were beautiful.
To them,just a Jew..

So many questions.
Yet nothing to do,
but to remember forever,
those thousands of shoes.
Once belonging to people,
just like you and I,
taken away by the call of
 "Sieg Heil"

March Prisoner

Lion Heads of Stone
Apples lay prone
The constant ringing of the phone
By the warmth of the fire
The river runs higher
The constant dripping of the rain
Daffodils fade and Tulips bloom
Nature lifts winters gloom
Perhaps then soon
I will leave this room........