Thursday, 3 March 2016

Angel McKenzie

❤️RIP Angel MacKenzie go teach those angels how to party❤️

This poem was originally dedicated to my friend Karen and her children, when they lost their father in 2012.
Karen recently lost her battle with cancer. 

I held no desire to shrivel and fade
Unable to walk or eat without aid
No wish to dribble upon my chin
whilst silently squirming from deep within
I have passed 
Pain extinguished 
Exhale and let me go
For my soul now free to wander
Will forever be with you
Feel my caress with the morning sun
and remember these words
direct from my tongue
Stop crying
I am fine
Now go and have a fucking good time!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Suicidal Soul

Just imagine
if you will
the most perfect peach
Skin firm 
delicately soft
Flesh unblemished 
like the human soul 
Juicy with love

The peach is dropped 
bruising too deep 
guilt and anger
Those maggots get in
Flesh begins to wither 
Self destructs

The seed
Sole survivor
Unrecognisable from before 
Hard and lined
Every mark
an emotional scar 
You see the mind is all control
When the soul wants to die 
the body complies 

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Poem For Christmas

Tis the night before Christmas
with memories at play
Baby grows that rustled 
Coloured paper astray 
Spiced aromas
Flickering candle light 
Corks popping 
Squeals of delight
Faded talc footprints 
Half eaten mince pie
So tears fall....
Trees decked in lights
Hearts filled with pain
Same house 
Same food
Smells just the same
Yet here things are different
Everything's changed
Babies now adults
All face the unknown 
Togetherness symbolic
Because our love has flown.

Sunday, 21 September 2014


It begins....
I’ve got to ride it
this crazy madness wave
With too familiar pain
and tight, sickening knot
Stay with it to the end
Life becomes fast forward
panic in every frame
Explosive self destruction
emotions unrestrained.
Injustice all surrounds me
defense on red alert.
Touch and I will scorch you 
Judge and turn to stone
Pressure keeps on rising
there is poison in my vein.
Desire to runaway
become as dust.
Insecurity overwhelming
eventually tears do spark.
Heartache without reason 
everything looks so dark.
Then sudden as a sunrise 
all my fear subsides.
and with it all madness
like a wave of shifting sand.
“She Devil‘  go pack!  
At last our girl is back. 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Storm Within

Behold, amber warning!
The most terrifying sky.
Possessed by demons,
with force she blew.
Twice deadly as the hurricane,
that once bore her name.
Tornado lightening bolts,
soul windows expel.
Laments of injustice.
Showers of ice hail.
Attempts to freeze all time.

Yet hidden deep,
within eye of the storm
Resides the wee lass.
Who's heart once beat with passion.
Now replaced by a pendant of ice.
Sat waiting for a sunbeam,
a rainbow,
or a feather.
Just a little sign
so she can return.
To being nice.

Monday, 25 November 2013

All I need

All I could want
more than I need

Opulent furnishings
expensive clothes 

All safe 
between thick stone walls

My duty
their caretaker

My desire
To do nothing
 ….but make love with you 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Welcome To The Dead Zone

I'm just here 
doin ma thang 
and come on in
I hear music
...but the melody has gone

Forgot where I am going  
Lost where I belong

All I do is walk alone 
where the cars drive on their own
Will I ever dream again?

Just doin ma thang, yea
Just swayin... 
Inhale and all is numb 

There's no pain 
yet no relief 
No joy or even sleep 
But who cares,
Who needs it?
Here in the dead zone 

Just a place 
full up of ghosts
I've no desire in being the host
Yank my hair 
What's happenin?
Just inhale
and watch it blow

Hey brother
Remember me?
Two lost souls

 just hanging out 
Cos once you're here 
you'll not get out 
Here in the Dead zone
Yea just inhale
and let it go.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Still Missing

How many years have you been lost?
How many prayers have I said?
How many tears have I shed?
Years they were silent
Only now they slowly open
with a cautious clue
Yet you are still gone

Were you surprised when they came
Or did you hear the scythe knocking
against your window pane
The faces in knitted shadow
Creeping upon you
Stealing you from me?

What are you now?
Half a skull
Or tied up like game
thrown for carrion
Did you cry out for me to hold you
Facing the shallow hole in the bog
Threatening to swallow you whole
Into its sloppy dark depths

I gave up on justice
I just want to know
where you are
That you’re not a disappearing ghost
That there was no truth in their lies
I want somewhere to go
To know where your last breath
Right into our
mother’s comforting embrace

I stand now
Where they say you probably are
The earth squelching beneath my boot
I take a sharp breath
everytime I brush against
A small hard object
Hoping for
A bone
A belt
A shoe
I could dig till doomsday
And never find you

Whatever you say
Say nothing
But please
Come back
Come back to me

Author Harry Johnston 

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Black Rain

the soft wind
within its dream
within fantasy 
Never wishing to rise 
or awaken

the elusive refuge
Nothing as it seems

Desire to speak
beaten back 
by the need to weep

battering the mind 
Devastatingly destructive 
A guilt tornado

Followed by peace 
and sleep